Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

One golden rule of shopping is that before buying something always remember to try it on, see yourself in the mirror to examine how you look and then put a question to yourself about what would you think about a woman of your size wearing something that you have worn then. If your answer is something like, ‘my goodness, what is she wearing?’ then it is better not to go for it. Having a plus size figure does not mean that you can never look beautiful. The main problem is that bigger women do not know how to make the best choice while choosing their clothes. Therefore, I have written this article to help you not make the mistake of picking the wrong clothes ever again. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right clothes and avoid the wrong ones:

Pick Clothes that flatter your Body Shape

Now we all know that slim girls can look great in mini skirts but it does not mean that you try out the same style without considering your own body shape. To look good, you have many other options so please stop chasing the fashion trends of slim girls. Wearing mini skirts with your thunder thighs, you can make people laugh at you. Always keep in mind that in order to look beautiful, you need to take away people’s attention from your body parts that are not the best instead you should accentuate your best features.

Pick the right size clothes

One best rule to look good is to pick the right size clothes. I have seen many plus size women picking small clothes, either to deceive themselves or not to get embarrassed for picking the big size. Some also believe that by wearing small clothes and somehow fitting themselves into it, they would be able to look smaller than their size. Let’s face the truth! This is not how it works! In fact, wearing smaller size clothes will make you look worse. Get properly measured and find out your measurements. Write them down somewhere you can keep them and when you are shopping look for the size that best fits you. Try on different sizes, and see what feels most comfortable. When picking your jeans, make sure that they are not low rise style. It is better to pick high rise jeans as they will make you look slimmer from the front side.

Avoid clingy polyester

I think this rule should apply to everyone. No one looks good in clingy polyester especially the plus size women. Tight clothes in general are not a good idea so avoid clothes that hug your skin. There seems to be a popular misconception that heavy women wear tight clothes because they think it makes them look slimmer. I think it has more to do with not having access to larger sizes so they end up buying what is available.

Keep these fashion tips in your mind, in order to look good even with your plus size figure.